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Nowadays Android users are growing rapidly and the main aspect using Android is users want to use free calling apps to save

After completing the secondary school,the first thing we do is finding the best and suitable college for us. Before joining

Nowadays technology is introducing new devices and gadgets everyday. When any gadget launches,it comes with new features which has never

Hi friends, Previously we had talked about how to find the best and suitable colleges in India. Now we have came

LG Stylo 2 is a mid-range Android device which comes with huge 5.7 inches with IPS display. The phone has

There is no doubt that flagship devices such as Galaxy S8, LG G6 are the top Android devices. But not

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As everyone knows Apple is the leading smartphone company of the world. The products and accessories delivered by Apple is genuine and unique because they want to impress their audience with their products and accessories. Apple’s products is the most familiar products across the world. Everyone enjoys with products and cool features of Apple. Apple

The Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) is a computer adaptive test which assesses a candidate’s analytical, quantitative, writing, verbal and reading skills in standard written English. This test is taken in preparation for admitting into a graduate management program, such as Mater in Business Administration and Masters in Finance related courses. It is a registered

We all know that,Windows is the leading Operating System in this generation.But Windows gets corrupted sometimes due to some unsupported files or some reasons.When Windows gets corrupted,we install a new OS of Windows via CD. But now most of us are using pendrive to install a new OS of Windows. But remember that you can’t

Finding the Best Laptops under 30k in India is not so easy. We need laptops for different purposes like for surfing the web, office works, watching videos, playing games​ and other stuffs. 30k is a reasonable price if you want to perform all the above mentioned tasks. There are lots of options available in the market for

Want to know How to block your Facebook friends or those persons which are disturbing you in your Official Facebook Page? then you are in the exactly right place. In this post i’m going to share you How to Block Facebook friends or users from your Facebook pages. Facebook is the best platform in the world

If you are an Moto E user and wondering how to take screenshot on Moto E 1st Gen or Moto E 2nd Gen, then you have came to the exactly right place my friend. There are many features in Moto E devices. Just like we have recently shared how to update Moto E to Lollipop.

One of the Best Advantage of using an Android is you can CUSTOMIZE it as per your choice. This is the reason why most people love Android over other operating systems. One of the Easiest way to customize your Android is by using a LAUNCHER. ​There are tons of Android launchers are out there in Play Store.

Everyone knows Windows is the commonly used Operating system in this generation. While operating/ using Windows we are doing many tasks at a single time. But sometimes we are doing some silly mistakes while using our PC. These mistakes caused to the lost of our important files. Those files maybe our important Photos, videos, audio

Besides of enjoying the last moments of school,every students starts thinking of their future. The most common question of every student in their mind is “which college you have to select for your higher education”. Selecting a perfect and suitable college is not an easy task to anyone. Because every student wants a good college/institution


As Everyone knows Facebook is the largest and leading Social Media Network which connects with peoples easily. Nowadays almost everyone is using and taking advantages of Facebook.There maybe lots of advantages and disadvantages of Facebook.But everyone needs privacy in their Facebook account to secure them without any risk. There are lots of privacy features in

In our daily routine, we get disturbed calls from many unknown numbers. It may be from a customer call center or from any company marketer or any other spammer. We can’t identify the person who is calling you from any unknwon mobile number unless you attend the call. When you attend those irritating calls from

Are you a Moto E 1st Gen user? If yes, do you know you can update your Moto E device to Lollipop. Many peoples are wating for Moto E Lolllipop update for a long time. But now the wait is over. Now you can enjoy the latest features of Lollipop in your Moto E 1st

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S3 by code can be easy for you. But do you know How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 when you forget the Pattern, PIN, Password? If you are also looking to know about unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S3, then you have came to the exactly right place. Most of us forget or get

If you came here to know How to unlock Samsung Galaxy y. Then you have came to right place. Now your search for How to unlock Samsung Galaxy y is over. Because here i will show you the fastest trick to unlock your Samsung Galaxy y in less than 5 minutes. Samsung Galaxy Y is one

Are you looking for the best website which can help you improve your typing experience? If your answer is YES, then you are in the right place. If you are a web developer, software engineer, blogger or any other profession where you have to work in your PC, then the most important skill you need is FAST

Selecting an desire Web Browser isn’t an easy task these days. Because there are lots of factors depends before selecting a Web Browser. Here are the few factors, UI (User Interface) Speed of the browser. Good In-built features. Compatibility Security. And more. There are lots of browser are out there But i must say Google chrome has almost all the features which

Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the best web browsers in the history. No browser can compete it to its level. According to Tech Times, Google chrome has more than 1 Billion active monthly users worldwide. And each and every day, users of Google chrome is being increased. The reason behind the success of Google chrome

Nowadays technology is introducing new devices and gadgets everyday. When any gadget launches,it comes with new features which has never seen before. Just like the same way, today we are going to talk about a new device which let’s you play your Audio/Vidoes from your Mobile to PC, Mobile to Tablet, Tablet to PC, Iphone