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10 Best Free Calling Apps For Android Users

Nowadays Android users are growing rapidly and the main aspect using Android is users want to use free calling apps to save their time and money. But choosing the right app for your Android device is not an easy task. Because there are many apps for free calling in GooglePlay Store and hence it becomes difficult to choose the right app. If you are one of them who are struggling to choose the right app for free calling, then this post may help you. Here we have listed 10 best free calling apps which can give the better free calling performance than before. Let’s get started.

1. Kakaotalk

Key Features: Free calls and text. Send photos,videos,voice notes and your location. Both users must have this app to use these features.

Connection required for calling: 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi.

Developer: Kakao.com

App Size: 26 MB

PlayStore Rating: 4.3 (21,21,989 users)


2. Viber

Key Features: Free voice calls,video calls,send texts,phots,video messages,voice messages,locations,stickers and emoticons. Both parties must have installed same app to enjoy the features. Viber has also introduced a new feature Viber out which means you can also call the person who doesn’t have this app but you have to purchase some credit to use this feature.

Connection required for calling:  3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi..

Developed by: www.Viber.com

App Size: 38 MB

PlayStore Rating: 4.3 (75,54,855 users)


3. Tango

Key Feature: Free voice and video calls. Send texts to friends and groups. Send photos,voice messages and video messages. Both users must have this app to use these features.

Connection required for calling: 3G,4G and Wi-Fi

Developed by: www.tango.com

App Size:  Varies with devices

PlayStore Rating: 4.3 (2,830,487 users)


4. Nanu

Key Features: Free voice calling from Nanu users to Nanu. The speciality of this app is you can also call non-nanu users for free. You must need internet connection to call from nanu to non-nanu user. It means you can call anyone in the world if you have their country code.

Note: This app is currently unavailable for few countries please check the check description before downloading this app.

Connection requried for calling: 2G, EDGE, 3G, 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi

Developed by: www.hellonanu.com

App Size: 7.3 MB

PlayStore Rating: 3.7 (33,306 users)


5. WeChat

Key Features: Free voice and video calls accross the world. Send text to friends and groups. Send photos,videos and much more. You can also get limited time reward in this app.

Connection required for calling: 2G,3G or Wi-Fi.

Developed by: www.wechat.com

App Size: Varies with device

PlayStore Rating: 4.3 (3,888,531 users)


6. Nimbuzz Messenger

Key Features: Free Calls and messaging. Send photos,vidoes, documents and much more.

Connection required for calling: 2G/3G or Wi-Fi.

Developed by: www.nimbuzz.com

App Size: 18 MB

PlayStore Rating: 4.2 (365,256 users)


7. Facebook Messenger

Key Features: Text instantly with facebook friends and call them wherever you are.

Connection required for calling: Works best with Wi-Fi connection

Developed by:  Facebook

App Size: Varies with devices

PlayStore Rating: 3.9 (17,600,301 users)


8. Skype

Key Featuers: Free video and voice calls. Send and receive text. Available for PC users too if you download skype for PC.

Connection required for calling: High speed internet connection like 3G or Wi-Fi

Developed by: Skype

App Size: Varies with devices.

PlayStore Rating; 4.1 (7,041,501 uses)


9. Magic App

Key Features: Free calls to U.S,Canada few other countries (Available for few countries only but considered as one of the best app)

Connection required for calling: 3G or Wi-Fi

Developed by: www.magicjack.com

App Size: 8 MB

PlayStore Rating: 4.1 (175,117 users)


10. Google Hangouts

Key Features: Send and recieve text,photos,videos and much more.

Required connection for calling: 3G (or) Wi-Fi.

Developed by: Google

App Size: Varies with devices

PlayStore Rating: 3.9 ( 1,269,674 users)



This is the collection of Android’s best free calling apps that you can use call free from Internet. However this is not technically 100% free. Some apps may require to purchase credits for calling. But most apps are free only. If you think we had missed any free calling app which is better than any of these apps, let us know via comment. Thanks.

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