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How to Unlock PdaNet for free

Hi guys,
Hope you are doing well. Today i’m going to share the most useful and important trick for Android users.

Well, we all know that PdaNet is use to share your Internet connection from Android to PC via USB cable. But mostly Android users is struggling with the Trial version of PdaNet. Because when it reaches the maximum limit. PdaNet will automatically disconnect from tethering. Then we have to reconnect the PdaNet in order to use it again. This is the main disadvantage of using the Trial version of PdaNet. Now the wait is over to use the premium version of PdaNet and that too for free. Now you can unlock PdaNet without spending a single penny. Now you can easily use PdaNet without any interruption. Just follow the below instructions to unlock PdaNet for free.


How to unlock PdaNet?

Step 1: Go to this link and click on “Download” as shown below.

Step 2: Now it will ask you to sign-in via any Social Network. Then Sign-in via your favorite Social Network which you want.

Step 3: Now it will give two options. 1.Priority download  2.Free Download. Click on “Free download” and wait for 20 seconds to start the download.

Step 4: Now install the downloaded apk. after installing the application,open it and check the status as shown below.

That’s it guys,now you have successfully unlocked the full version of PdaNet for free. Now you can access internet from your PC without any limit and interruption.

NOTE: First you must install PdaNet for Android. Then you have to install foxfi (downloaded application) to unlock the PdaNet.

Hence PdaNet is one the most simple and powerful application which helps us to connect internet from Android to PC.

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