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150 Google Tricks List

150 Google tricks list – That’ll change the way you search (Infographic)

These days whenever people gets a doubt, be it small, big or even a tiny doubt the first thing comes in everyone’s mind is Google. There is no doubt about that right?

But most people don’t know How to use Google effectively which can save lots of time. That’s why today i’m going to share 150 Amazing Google tricks list which will change the way you use Google.

I’m going to share these 150 points in 2 different ways.

1. Infographic: I’ll share 45 most important and useful points to easily understand and remember the things visually.

2. In-depth post: To learn more about each Google tips and tricks, I’ve written an in-depth post to everything in detail.

Now let’s get started with infographic first.

So this was the highlight of 150 points of this post. Now i’m going to talk about all the 150 Google tricks in detail. Let’s get started.

150 Cool Google tricks that’ll change the you search:

1. Timer or stopwatch: Have you ever thought to use Google as your Timer? Yes, you heard it right. You can use Google as a Timer or Stopwatch just like you use in a Watch or Mobile.

2. Sunrise and Sunset: If you want to know the timings of the Sunrise and Sunset of any locations, you can easily find it by a simple Google search. Just Google “Sunrise in Location name” or “Sunset in Location name” and Google will show you the results like this.

Sunrise and Sunset in Google
3. Weather: There are many popular websites to know the weather forecast details. But if you want to know the forecast details quickly, Google search can do it for you. You can find the weather of any city quickly by just Googling “Forecast in location name”.

Finding forecast in Google
4. Know flight status: You can get the status of flights quickly by directly entering the name of the Flight in Google.

Get flight status in Google
5. Convert Areas: You can quickly convert any measurements or areas in Google search by just entering the direct queries.

For example, If you search for “14 Meters to Inches” it will show you the results like this.

Convert areas in Google
6. Compare foods: Easily compare Foods in Google search to know their differences. Just search, Food 1 vs Food 2 and results would look like this.

Food comparison in Google search
7. Know company owner: If you don’t want to go to Wikipedia (or any other website) just to read know who is the founder of any company, just search “Founder of company name” or “Owner of company name” to get the answer quickly.

Find company owner in Google
8. Find out launch date: If you want to know when a company was launched, search “Company name+ launched”, and here is an example for you.

Find company launch dates in Google
PS: This might not work for newer companies.

9. Currency Converter: This is one of the most useful Google trick i have ever seen. Most people may already this, but i’m still going to share this useful trick for those who don’t know. By performing a simple Google search, you can get the conversion details of any currency.

Just enter the amount and type of currency you want to convert. For example, “14 USD to INR” and here is the result.

Currency converter in Google
The Best Part?

You can covert almost any type of currency in Google search directly. You just need to select the type of currency from the list.

10. Tip Calculator: Calculate how much tip you should give to your waiter.

Tip calculator in Google
11. Find books written by favorite authors: If you are trying to find books specifically written by your favorite authors, then search “Books written by Author name” and you will find the perfect result. Here is an example for you,

Here i’m searching for “Books written by “APJ Abdul kalam” and you can see the result below.

Find books in Google
ust replace “APJ Abdul Kalam” by your favorite author’s name to find these type of results.

12. Google image reverse search: This can help you to find the details of any photos. Here’s how to do it.

Go to Google images and click on the “Camera icon”

Google image reverse search
And you will get 2 options there,

1. Paste image URL 2. Upload an Image

Find details of image in Google
If you have the URL of that particular image, paste it to find its details or else upload the image to get the details.

13. Ok Google: You may have noticed in Google search bar that there is a symbol of mic in the search box. Its used for voice search. Just click on the Mic symbol and speak whatever you want. You’ll get results based on the words which you’ve spoken.

Ok Google
14. Define: There are many authority websites like Reference.com and Thesaurus to find the meanings/ synonyms of a word. But if you want to know the meaning of any words quickly, then search

“Define+ query”

Find meanings in Google
Here are few extra search strings to find the meaning of a word in Google.

“Meaning+ Query”

“Synonym+ Query”

“Definition+ Query”

15. Popular things: If you want to find any popular things among any categories such as celebrities, scientists or anything, just don’t forget to add “popular or famous” word and you’ll find the answer quickly.

Find popular things in Google
16. Compare distance: Quickly compare the distance between two destinations.

Search for “Distance between Destination 1 to Destination 2”

Distance comparison in Google
17. Find restaurants: Quickly find restaurants near you.

Search for “Restaurants near me” and Google will you a list of nearby restaurants.

Restaurants near me
18. Calculate travel time: Using Google search, you can also find the estimated travel time between two destinations with different types of transportation. just Search for “Travel time between Destination 1 and Destination 2”

19. Find IP address: Quickly find your IP Address in Google by searching “IP address” or “my IP address”.

20. My photos: If you want to find your photos which you have stored or shared in Google plus from your Google account, just search “My photos”. But let me remind that you must have logged-in your Google account to do that.

21. My events: If you have created any event in Google calendar, just search for “My events” to get a quick glance at your event history.

22. Calculator: Just Search for “Calculator” to use Google as your calculator.

23. Convert international timings: You can convert the international timings in Google by using proper location codes.

24. Translate: Everyone knows Google translate is the best place to translate anything. But if you want to translate just couple of words, Google search can do it for you.

Just type “translate your query to desired language”. An example is shown below.

Translation in Google search
25. Find products in price range: This is yet another powerful Google trick which most people still don’t know yet.

If you want to find a product between an X amount to Y amount, you can find it by using this command “Product name amount 1..amount 2”.

For example, Here i’m searching for “Samsung mobiles 10000..20000 INR”

Product sort out in Google
Just replace amount of type of currency you want. By using this search string, Google will list products based on the amount you have entered.

26. Find holidays: Quickly find the details of holidays by searching “Festival name and Year”

Finding holidays in Google
27. Find tourist attractions: If you have gone to a new place as a tourist or guest, just Google “Location name +attractions” or “Location name+ point of interest” to find all the attractive places of that location.

Finding attractive places in Google
28. Get customer care number: To know any customer care service number, Google “Company name +Service number” and you will get the result in the quick answer box.

Customer care service number in Google
29. Apps: If you are searching to download only apps, just head over to “Apps” section in Google search.

But what’s benefit of this?

You can find apps from various app market such as GooglePlay, iTunes, Download.comand much more at one place.

Apps in Google search
Don’t you think this is a time saving feature? I think so. Let’s move on.

30. My orders: Want to know what you have purchased online recently? Google “My Purchases” or “My Orders” or “My deliveries” to quickly take a look at your order history.

Order history in Google
31. Check the spelling: Even if you spelled a word wrong by mistake, Google will recommend you the correct spelling of the word. Here is example,

Check spelling in Google
This is useful in 2 ways i.e

1. Either when you typed the wrong by mistake, Google will auto-correct the word by itself or

2. If you have doubt about the spelling of any word, just type it and Google will you the correct spelling of the word.

32. Quick Stats: Google has lots of information about small, medium and large organizations (or even countries).

For example, If you want to know what is the population in USA then directly type “population in USA”.

You can quickly get the stats by without typing any long or extra words.

Quick stats in Google
33. Etymology: Are you wondering where a WORD came from and how it was created?

Want to know the history of that particular word?

Here is a quick Google trick find out. Search for “Etymology +Word” to know the details of the word.

Etlymology in Google
34. Flight details: Google “Flight Location 1 to Flight Location 2″ to quickly know the local flight details.

35. My hotels: Search “My hotels” to take a quick look at the history of hotels which you have booked online.

36. Convert temperatures: You can convert temperatures in Google by searching direct queries. Here is an example,

Convert temperatures in Google
37. Track orders: Track your orders by entering the order ID in Google. There is no guarantee that it’ll work every time. Sometimes it may work, sometimes it may not.

38. Find download links quickly: If you want to find the links to download any file quickly, there are some search string which can help you.

Here is one example

-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” filetype

Now replace “index of” to your search query and “filetype” to the desired file type which you want.

This trick does work to find most types of files.

For example, if you search for

“-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”WhatsApp” apk”

You will get the search results which may have direct links to download the file. By using this trick, you don’t need to spend lots of time to find the download link of any file.

39. Blog search: Previously Google had a feature called “Blog search” in their search results to display only blogs in the results page.

But on May 2011, Google had disconnected this feature from search results.

Fortunately still you can find blog search in Google by a small trick.

Go to news tab in Google, click on “search tools” and select “all news” and click on “blogs”.

If you don’t really know what is blog, then you should read this.

40. what day is it in N days: This is a funny question to ask to Google, but still a useful trick. If you want to know what is the day the after N days, then Google “what day is it in N days”.

What day is it Google
“N” refers to number of days.

41. Convert data: You can also convert data using Google search. For example, “17 MB to kB”

Convert data in Google
42. Find my phone: Google has launched Android device manager to find lost android devices. But now Google search can also this. Just search for “Find my phone” to locate your Android device remotely. But you need to login your Gmail account to locate it.

If you want to learn more about Android device manager, i have a written a detailed guide about it. You should definitely check it out.

43. Get location details quickly: Enter the zip code directly in Google to get the details of any location quickly.

44. Find GIF’s quickly: If you are specifically looking for GIF’s in image search, then click on “search tools” and select “GIF” and you” get only GIF’s in the results.

45. Find books: If you are searching to find books by it’s name in Google search, then it’s better to go to “Books” tab to get the best and appropriate result.

46. Find events: Find events in Google by just searching “Location name +Events” and you will get a list of upcoming events of that location.

47. My contacts: Are you feeling lazy to open your phone and view the contact details of someone?

If yes, then this trick is especially for you.

Just search, “Contact Name +number” and you’ll get the details in Google search itself.

48. My Bills: Just search for “My Bills” and check out your recent bills which you have paid online.

49. My flights: Just like bills, check out your flight schedule or history by searching “My Flights”

50. Follow stocks: Want to know stock details of your favorite company or organization? Just Google “Stock:Company Code”.

If you don’t know the code of the company, then read this post to know company code.

51. Convert numbers into words: You can easily convert any large number in to words in Google. But it can convert up to only 13 digits.

Convert number into words in Google
52. Get Cricket scores: Just search for “Cricket scores” in Google and you’ll get scores of both old and live matches.

Cricket Scores in Google
53. Sports schedule: If you are sport lover, you would want to keep yourself updated with schedules and results of your favorite sport. In this case, Google can be really helpful.

Just search for “Sports name+ schedule” and you can get schedule of your favorite sport. This may not work for every sports, But I have a brief list of popular games which Google can you give schedules and results.

1. Cricket

2. Tennis

3. Basketball

4. Baseball

5. Hockey

I’m surprised to know that Google hadn’t implemented schedules feature for Football. Hopefully Google may implement it soon and may offer this feature in future.

54. Get housing details quickly: I know there are plenty of apps and websites to get housing details, but if you want to take a quick look of housing details of any city just Google “Housing +City name” and you’ll get a list of housing along with owner’s website.

Housing details in Google
55. Find estate dealers: Just like find housing details you can find real estate business dealers in Google by searching “Real estate+ city name”.

Search real estate in Google
56. Find time: Instead of converting international timings, if you want to know the time of any place in the world just Google “Time in +location name”.

57. Find colleges or schools: To get a list of colleges or school of any city, just Google “College or schools + city name”.

2. Search operators
Search operators
This category will show you another 18 time saving Google tricks but the difference here is, it’ll help you to find exact results you want.

58. Use double quotes: Using quotes in the search query will give you the exact match and better results.

Here is an example for you.

Example 1: Searching a query without double quotes.

Seaching without quotes in Google
As you can see the above result, without using quotes Google gives you only 50% exact match results based on your search query.

Here comes the the Best Part,

Example 2: Searching a query with double quotes.

Searching by using quotes in Google
As you can see, using quotes in Google search gives you the almost exact match result based on the query.

59. Results from a specific site: If you want to get search results from any specific website in Google, here’s how to do it.

Here is an example for you,

Results from specific site in Google
As you can see, Google has shown results only from specified website. You can do the same by replacing your search query and website.

60. Keywords in title: If you want to your search term to appear in titles, just Google “intitle:Your keyword” to get the desired result.

Here is an example for you.

Now i’m searching for “Best Android Apps intitle:2015″ and you can see every search results has 2015 in their title.

Finding keyword in the title of Google search
But Here’s the one more thing,

If you are a blogger or internet marketer, then I’m pretty sure that these search strings will definitely help you in many ways. You can find hot topics, guest posting sites and much more.

61. OR operator: By using OR operator, you can search 2 queries at once.

Here’s how you can do this.

Just Google “Query 1 OR Query 2″ and you will get the results of both queries.

For example, Samsung OR Apple.

Using OR operator in Google
As you can see, Here I have searched for “Samsung OR Apple” and i have got the results for both terms in a single page. You can do the same by replacing keywords.

62. AND operator: If you are searching any term with two terms and want to find both queries from a single website (single result), then you should use “AND operator” to find it. Just search for “Keyword 1 AND Keyword 2″ and it will show you both results from a single result.

Here is an example, I have searched for Apple and iPhone 6. And you can see the result below.

Using AND Operator in Google
Each and every result have both terms i.e Apple and iPhone 6 in their search result.

63. File Type search: Yet another amazing trick which can save your lots of time if you use properly.

If you want to get a search result of a specific file type in Google, then search for “FileType: FileType Extension + Query”

If you don’t know the extension of your desired file type, then here is a list of file typesand it’s extensions.

Here is an example for you, I’m searching for “Filetype:PPT air pollution”

FileType search in Google
And you can see, Google has given results of only one file type i.e PPT. You can also do this by entering the proper search query.

64. Find related websites: Finding related websites can be useful in many ways. But you can’t find related websites by yourself easily. The Best way to find any related websites in Google search. Here’s how to do it.

If you want to find related websites like Facebook then just search for “Related:Facebook.com”.

65. Exclude words: Use an hyphen(-) before any search term to exclude it from search results.

66. Use an Asterisk: If you are not sure about any word in query, use an Asterisk(*) before the sentence while performing a search and Google will understand your query and show you the best possible results.

Example: *is pure as water or * is soft as cotton.

67. Remove unwanted site: Just like words, if you want to remove any specific site from search results, use this search string “Query -site:website.com”.

For example, “Windows tips -site:youtube.com”

68. Results from specific TLD: TLD (Top Level Domain) means a domain extension which comes after the domain name i.e .com, .net .in, .co etc. If you want to get search results from any specific TLD, then Google “Query +site:TLD”.

Here is an example, “Programming courses online site:edu”

Results from specific TLD
69. Find social tags: If you are looking to find any social media profiles, pages or tags like that, just use @ before the search term to find the result quickly.

70. Hashtags: Use hashtags before queries to find trending or hot topics.

71. in URL: If you want your search term to appear specifically in the URL of the website, then search for “Query+ inurl: specific term”.

For example,

“How to use Chromecast inurl:tips”

inURL search string in Google
72. Website info: To get some details of any site using Google, search “info:website.com”.

73. Find Backlinks: If you are a blogger like me, you may already know what is backlinks and importance of it. To find out who is linking to your site, you can search “link:website.com”.

For example, “Link:Youtube.com”

If you don’t know what is backlink, then read this amazing guide by shoutmeloud.

74. Remove synonyms: You may already know that Google uses LSI to display the best results for users. For those who don’t know LSI, it is a method by Google to filter results with synonyms of the query. If you want to remove synonyms from a search result, then use + before the search term.

75. AROUND operator: If you are performing a search of two terms, this operator may help you to find relation between those two terms. Read the full post on AROUND operator by Fossbytes.

3. Funny Easter Eggs
Funny Google easter eggs
Google search have offered lots of funny easter eggs to entertain the users.

76. Barrel roll: If you every feel bored, just search for “do a barrel roll” and see how the page rolls.

77. Askew: If you have got bored after seeing Google in the same normal way, just search for “Askew” or “Tilt” and you’ll be able to see Google in a unique which you may not have seen ever before.

78. Flip a coin: If you want to flip a coin to decide something but you don’t have a coin, you don’t need to worry at all. Just search “flip a coin” and decide anything you want. Pretty cool isn’t?

Flip a coin in Google
79. Google Doodles: You may have noticed lots of time whenever you visit Google.com, you may have seen a different image instead of Google logo. That’s Google Doodles. Google enables Google doodles to pay tribute to birthdays/death anniversary of legends and many other important days to remind everyone. If you want to see all Google doodles images, visit the main page of Google Doodles.

Recommended: 10 Best Google Doodles by Goliath

80. Google in 1998: Ever wondered How Google was looking at the earlier stage in 1998? Just search for “Google in 1998” and take a look at it.

81. Google in 1999 (or any year): You may thinking i’m repeating the same thing here right? But i’m not. A new website called olweb.today now let you to browse like in 1999or any year you want. This website is not restricted to Google only. You can visit any website you want.

82. Blink HTML: Search for “Blink HTML” and see how blinking a word in Google looks like.

83. Roll a dice: Feeling bored? Roll a dice in Google and have fun with it.

84. Animal sounds: Google can play animal sounds too.

85. Bletchley park: When you search “Bletchley park”, Google will generate a bunch of random code and at last it will display “Bletchley park”. Know the reason Why Google gives special treatment to Bletchley park.

Bletchley park in Google
Credits: SEORoundTable

86. Spin dreidel: If you are fan of this game, then you can play this in Google itself by searching “Spin dreidel”.

spin dreidel in Google
87. Super mario: When you search for “super mario bros” in Google, you can feel the experience of this amazing game by clicking the icon in the side.

Super mario bros icon in Google
88. Sonic the hedgehog: Just like Super mario, you can feel the experience of this game too in Google by searching “Sonic the hedgehog” and clicking the icon in the sidebar.

4. Games

Games in Google search
These are the 6 secret games on Google search which no one may have told you about.

89. Zerg Rush: when you search for “Zerg Rush” in Google, you’ll see the content of the page in being eaten by “O”. You have to save the page before “O” eats your entire content of the page.

90. Atari breakout: Most of us already knew “Atari Breakout” was one of the most popular game few years ago and still today liked by many peoples. If you ever miss this game, you can play it by searching “Atari breakout” in Google images.

Atari Breakout in Google search
91. Dinosaur game: whenever your internet goes down, Google has a surprise game for chrome users.

Hidden Game in Google chrome
92. Tic Tac Toe: Another tricky popular game you can play in Google search.

Tic tac toe in Google search
You can play this awesome in 4 ways. i.e Easy, Medium, Impossible or with any friend.

93. Google Pacman: This is yet another popular game which you can play in Google search itself.

Google Pacman
94. Play Solitaire: You can also play solitaire in Google search.

Play solitaire in Google

5. Useful tips

Useful Google tips
I’ll share 25 Use Google tips which you would wish you know it earlier.

95. Use Google.com: Many of you may already know that if we search for Google.comin the address bar of the browser, it will redirect to the country based Google homepage like Google.co.in or Google.co.uk instead of Google.com. These country based Google homepage will give you the results based on your country. But if you use Google.com, it will give you global results.

For example,

If you search for “Samsung Galaxy S7 amazon” in Google.co.in or Google.co.uk, then Google will show you the results like amazon.co.uk or amazon.in.

But if you search for that term in Google.com, you will get the results from Amazon.com.

So How to use Google.com instead of country based Google homepage?

Just type Google.com/ncr in the address bar of your browser. It will redirect to Google.com and now you can get better results from Google.

If Google.com/ncr doesn’t work, then go to Google and click on the bottom of the page to use Google.com

Using Google.com instead of Google.co.in
Google.com doesn’t only gives you better results for shopping related queries, it’ll give you better result for any type of queries.

96. Customize search settings: You can customize your search settings based on your requirement. Just go to Google search settings and make changes as per your choice.

Using Google search settings

• You can set how much results you want per page. You can get up to 100 search results in a page.

• Using private results or not.

and more.

97. Results form a specific time duration: Using Google search tools, you can get your search result from a specific period. Just click on “Search tools” and select your duration. And it will give you the results based on your selected period.

Using Google search tools
98. Advanced Google search: If you want more specific and filtered search result, you should consider using advance Google search.

99. Advanced Google image search: Just like advanced Google search, if you are looking to find more filtered image result then should try advanced Google image search.

100. Fun facts: If you ever feel bored, just search “fun facts” or “i’m curious” and Google will entertain you with amazing random fun facts.

Fun facts in Google search
101. View cache: If any website isn’t opening (or responding) via Google search, then click on the “cache” button in that search result to view the cache copy of the page.

View cache copy in Google
This method is for those websites/pages which isn’t responding (or opening) from Google.

If any website/page isn’t opening directly from your browser, then just type Cache: PasteURL and Google will show you the most recent cache of that page. How cool is that?

102. LMGTFY: If you have any lazy friend who can’t perform a Google search by himself, then LMGTFY (Let me Google that for you) can become very useful for you. Just perform a search in LMGTFY and copy-paste the link to any lazy person who can’t perform a search by himself.

103. Google reminder: Search “Remind me” and set your schedule to let Google to remind you for an event or any other schedule. Google can remind you in Google now in Android app, iPhone or in PC.

Recommend: Learn How to Set Reminders in Google Now.

104. Cases: When you search anything on Google, you don’t have to worry about the cases.

For example, “Android Tips” will give the same result as “android tips”.

105. Safe downloads: We browse many websites each and every day. But have you ever thought to check that browsing or downloading any file from a specific website is safe or not?

If you haven’t thought about this before, then you should start it doing it from now. Because there are many viruses and spywares that can steal your personal data.

You can check the status of any website from Google’s Safe Browsing Site Status tool.

If you are a Google chrome, learn How to block a site to stay safe from any suspicious site.

If you are an Android user, here are 10 best safe, fast and secure browsers.

106. Use Verbatim: This is another useful feature by Google to find results only for your “search term” excluding personalize, related searches terms. learn more about verbatim in SearchEngineWatch.

107. Download search history: I’m sure you may have searched thousands of queries in Google search. But have you ever thought to download your search history for future reference?

If you think your previous search history could be useful in future, then you its better to download it.

Here’s how to download your search history.

• Go to downloads page of your Google account.

• Now scroll down and select only “searches” from the list.

Download Google search history
You can download your Google search history in 3 formats i.e .zip, .tgz, .tbz. After selecting any of these file format, you’ll receive a mail in Gmail to download the file. You can download the file up to 50GB.

Not only you can download Google search history, you can download any Google service as mentioned in downloads page.

108. Create custom search engine: If you are a blogger, then you can create a custom search engine to find anything on your blog.

Recommended tutorial: How to add Google custom search engine to WordPress without any plugin by TipsAndTricks-HQ

109. Open links in new tab: I’ve already about customizing your search settings earlier in this post. But i want to talk about this useful feature here again because most people ignore this feature which can save lots of time.

110. Health knowledge graph: This is a new search feature by Google which got released last year in June 2016.

Open Google app (Android or iOS) and search for health issues like “Heart attack”. Google will show you the brief detail about the disease. You may not get answer for every disease because it is a new feature by Google.

111. Ad settings: Needless to say, most people working online run ads in their websites/ blogs to earn some money. I’m sure you may have seen Google ads in most of the pages. If you don’t like the ad type which you are viewing in your browser, you can change it in Google ad settings anytime you want.

112. Inactive account manager: Previously Google had added in their gmail terms and conditions that your account could be deleted after 9 months of inactivity in your Google account. However, now Google has removed it from their TC.

But here’s the thing,

If you want to delete your unnecessary gmail accounts and its associated data after a certain period of inactivity, you can do it manually by using In-active account manager. Learn more about In-active account manager from PCMag.

I’ve written a helpful guide about deleting a gmail permanently in detail. Do check it out.

113. Punctuation: Just like cases, you don’t need to worry about the punctuation too.

For example, “Best Hotels, Los Angeles?” will give you the same result as “Best Hotels Los Angeles”.

114. Hide IP address: Do you know about StartPage? If yes, that’s good. If not, let me tell you.

StartPage is a private search engine which fetches results from Google. The benefit of using Startpage is, it doesn’t track or store your IP address. StartPage is owned by Surfboard Holdings B.V. You can learn more about Startpage here.

115. Report a Gmail user: If someone is abusing you or spamming in Gmail, you can file a complaint against that user by filling this form and Google will take care of them.

116. Disable instant search results: When you type your query in Google, you may have seen instant search results. If you want to disable it, you can do it the settings.

117. This site may be hacked: You may have seen this message in few search results while searching some query in Google. Its better to stay away from those websites.

118. Is Google down: This may not be a useful trick, but still a funny thing to ask to Google.

119. Report offensive auto-complete predictions: Google shows auto-complete predictions to save users time. But if you have seen any offensive words which shows in auto-complete, then you can report it to Google.

6. Useful Resources

Useful Google resources
Here are 8 useful Google resources which everyone should know.

120. Google Newspaper: Google has a collection of old NewsPapers where you can find NewsPapers from 1798 to 2009. Unfortunately Google has stopped updating it’s NewsPapers collections couple of years before but still made it available to access. You don’t need to sign-in your Google account to access any of those newspapers.

121. My Activity: Get the details of each of your activity in Google activity. You can find activities of Google chrome, Google search, Google image search, YouTube or any other activity.

122. Google News: If you are searching a query related to any news, then just head over to “News” tab in Google to get better and relevant results.

Google News Tab
123. Google Goggles: Have you ever heard about Google Goggles? Well some people may already know about it whereas some people may not.

Google Goggles is an Android app which lets users to search by taking pictures from the phone’s camera. After capturing the image, it performs a search based on the photo and looks for the match. After that Google will give you the best results based on the captured image.

Price: Free
124. Google timeline history: Google has a record of places where you have been recently. Just select the date or time to know where you’ve been at a particular time or day. Learn more about Timeline history on BusinessInsider.

125. Google trends: If you want to know what’s the trending or hot topic on the internet right now, then Google trends is the best place to find it.

126. Google password manager: Most people save their passwords in frequently visited websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Sometimes they save their passwords for long time that they even forgot it. If you are one them, use Google password manager to recover those passwords.

127. Google toilet locator: Again Google has helped Indian citizens by providing this useful feature to quickly locate toilets it via Google maps.

7. Other funny stuffs:
Funny Google tricks
A bonus section where i’m going about the other funny things to search on Google.

128. ElGOOG: Have you ever imagined How Google would look if you rotate it? Let’s find it in ElGOOG.

129. Once in a blue moon: Search this term in Google and you’ll see the the answer in calculation. So what is Blue moon? A blue moon is an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year: either the third of four full moons in a season, or a second full moon in a month of the common calendar. (Source: Wikipedia)

130. Recursion: When you search for “Recursion”, this is what you’ll see.

Recursion in Google
Even though this a correct word, Google will keep showing you “Did you mean” when you search for “recursion”.

131. Bubble level: When you search for “Bubble level” in Google on your phone will give you an interactive bubble level.

132. The loneliest number: Search this term in Google and find out which is really the loneliest number.

133. Live webcam: Search “Live webcam” and click on “i’m feeling lucky” and you’ll land on a page where you can stream live webcams of some popular destinations.

134. The answer to life the universe and everything: 42 is the answer you’ll get when you search for this term. Read this healthy Quora thread to know why 42 is the answer to universe and everything.

135. Heart shape: Simply copy-paste this text (sqrt(cos(x))*cos(400*x)+sqrt (abs(x))-0.4)*(4-x*x)^0.1 in Google and see heart shape (source: Huffingtonpost)

136. Festivus: If you search “Festivus” in Google, it will show you festivus pole on the left side of the results page. This is the only search term which will give a dark line in Google search results.

Festivus in Google

137. Mathematical graph: Search for terms like sin(y) or tan(y) to get its graph in Google.

Algebraic graph in Google search
138. Epic Google: To view Google in a bigger font than ever before. Search for “Epic Google” and click on “i’m feeling lucky”.

139. Google space: Search for “Google space” and click on “i’m feeling lucky” to view Google in a space view.

140. Google gravity: Search for “Google Gravity” and click on “i’m feeling lucky” and after that all the objects on that page will start falling down due to gravity and you can play with every pieces by dragging them.

141. Google Gothic: Search for “Google Gothic” and click on “i’m feeling lucky” to create your name in the place of Google logo.

Google Gothic
142. Google sphere: Search for “Google Sphere” and click on “i’m feeling lucky”. After that every piece object of that page will start rolling everywhere.

143. Google weenie: I’ve already talked about Epic Google in this post which shows Google in larger fonts. And here is Google Weenie, smaller brother of Epic Google. Epic Google will automatically increase the size of Google logo whereas Google weenie will automatically decrease the size of the page.

144. Elgoog snake: Search for this term and click on “i’m feeling lucky” to play snake game in the spot of Google logo.

145. Google guitar: Just do the same thing as “Google snake” to play guitar in Google logo.

146. Google rainbow: Search for “Google rainbow” and click on “i’m feeling lucky”. Google rainbow is pretty different from others. You can’t perform an actual search in Elgoog. But in Google rainbow, you can. Google rainbow is powered by Google custom search.

147. Google loco: Just like Google gravity, you can play with pieces of Google page in Google loco.

148. Dark Google: Not only you can use Google in the dark mode using “Dark Google”, you can also perform search just like you do in actual Google search.

149. Google terminal: Search for “Google terminal” and click on “i’m feeling lucky” to see how Google would’ve looked in 1980’s.

150. Google underwater: Ever wondered how Google would look under water? Search for “Google underwater” and find it yourself.

Well, these are some of the hidden tricks of Google which many of us may not be using. These Google tricks can be very useful in many ways. I”m pretty sure that you may have learned at least couple of awesome tricks from this list. If you do, i would love to hear what tips and tricks you learned from this post.

If you have any suggestion or if you think i have missed anything Google tricks which i should add in this post, just let me know via comments i would really appreciate that. And don’t forget to share the useful post with your friends. Thanks.

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