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What are Common Uses for Artificial Intelligence

What are Common Uses for Artificial Intelligence

What are Common Uses for Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is no longer a luxury but a necessity. You may not be aware of what are common uses for artificial intelligence but you use them every day. May you be surfing the web, talking to your friends, going to work, or buying online, AI is always a part of the process.

Read on to find out what are some examples of artificial intelligence.


Google Maps and Waze are applications of artificial intelligence that use AI-powered predictions useful for updating the movement of traffic and changing routes. The data in the feed is shared by users in real-time, and the apps can suggest faster routes.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence
Examples of Artificial Intelligence

Surge pricing, analyzing pickup and drop-off locations, and calculating the estimated time of arrival are examples of artificial intelligence used by Ride-sharing apps like Uber, Grab, and Lyft.

An AI autopilot is also used for commercial flights. In fact, reports from the New York times state that on average, only seven minutes of human steering is used for flying Boeing planes.

Banking and Finance

What are some examples of artificial intelligence in banking and finance? Money transfers including check deposits can be done using smartphone banking apps. This saves you time as you no longer need to go to a bank to deposit money.

AI is also useful in fraud prevention, as large volumes of transactions can be detected through machine learning instead of a manual review. Analytics companies like FICO have streamlined applications of artificial intelligence into one tool to determine your FICO score. This score enables banks to identify risk assessments of their customers, allowing them to make better credit decisions.

All of these are artificial intelligence examples utilized by banks to prevent losses and increase revenue.


In education, artificial intelligence products include Turnitin and e-Rater. Plagiarism checkers like Turnitin can assess if a text is plagiarized by using a wide range of online references stored in a virtual database. It is often used by professors to grade students’ writing output.

In a similar way, robo-readers are used in educational institutions to grade essays easier. The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) uses one human reader and e-Rater to grade essays. Any discrepancies in the scores can be settled by a second human reader. These uses of artificial intelligence make checking essays more convenient for instructors.

Email and Mobile Use

What Are Some Examples of Artificial Intelligence
What Are Some Examples of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence examples for email use are filtered spamming and categorizing emails. Gmail can filter 99.9% of spam messages by employing machine learning algorithms.

In the same manner, smart email categorization allows emails to be classified into sections in your inbox labeled as Primary, Social, Updates, and Promotions. If Google Chrome allows you to use it in offline mode, Gmail uses machine learning each time you tag an email as important.

There are multiple uses of artificial intelligence in smartphones. If PCs use CMD for computer tasks such as making a bootable pendrive, smartphones use voice-to-text-features for accurate automated transcription. If you’d like to Google how you can unlock PdaNet for free or find out how you can set up WiFi in your garage door opener, you can use the voice search powered by artificial neural networks.

This technology is even improved with the use of smart personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Now that can perform digital tasks on your behalf. Removing viruses from your iPhone can be easy even without using apps.

Social Media and Shopping

What are common uses for artificial intelligence in social networking?


Some of the examples of artificial intelligence used by Facebook are targeted advertisements based on your interests and facial recognition features for tagging friends in photos.


Snapchat uses facial filters called Lenses for facial movement recognition, and this allows users to add digital masks or effects even when their faces move.


Computer vision is utilized by Pinterest, so objects or images can be immediately categorized according to their similarities with other pins.


Artificial Intelligence Examples
Artificial Intelligence Examples

Instagram emojis also reflect context, so words are no longer needed to interpret meaning.


Amazon’s product search uses AI by combining relevant features of items based on the keywords you used in the search field. The structured data in the online catalog can show results that are relevant to what the customers need. Product recommendations at the bottom of the page or on the home page are also based on algorithms. These recommendations are effective in increasing sales, as shown in market studies.

Now that you know what are common uses for artificial intelligence, it is easy to say that artificial intelligence is the future of technology. At present, you already use AI features that are made simple, but as time progresses, more advanced features can be developed to improve the way people live. Artificial intelligence products benefit us in multiple ways, and we just need to know how to use them wisely.

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