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Never lose Data With Multipurpose Apple Data Cable

As everyone knows Apple is the leading smartphone company of the world. The products and accessories delivered by Apple is genuine and unique because they want to impress their audience with their products and accessories. Apple’s products is the most familiar products across the world. Everyone enjoys with products and cool features of Apple. Apple is being used by many peoples across every part of world. If you are using any Apple products then you must also have their accessories with them. Because you can’t enjoy fully without Apple’s accessories.There are lots of cool features of Apple. But what what happen when you want to transfer your important files from iPod/iPad or iPhone to Computer. The easiest way to transfer your files is by using a USB device. Hence today we have came up with an awesome product named Apple Data Cable which will easily help you to transfer your files from your iPod/iPad or iPhone to Computer. If you purchase this product,you will not only get the USB device. You will also get the Earphone device too. Isn’t this awesome? Yeah its an awesome product because it gives both USB and Earphone devices. Let’s look at some cool features of MultiPurpose Apple Data Cable.


Key Features of Multipurpose Apple Data Cable:

• This Micro USB Data Cable is for Apple i5 users

• This Micro USB Data Cable is very slim and light weight.

• The Design of the USB is very unique and compact.

• The Micro USB Data Cable is portable compatible with those devices which has the micro USB connector to easily transfer audio,video,images and other important files from your smartphone to computer (or any other hard drives).

• The Best part of Multipurpose Apple USB Data Cable is,it is the Combo of Earphones and Data Cable.


Short Specification of Multipurpose Apple Data Cable:




Product Name: Apple – Combo of Earphones & Data Cable

Color: White

Brand: Apple

Manufacturer: Apple

Hence Multipurpose Apple Data Cable is one of the essential thing for Apple users. It offers both earphone and USB Cable at very cheap cost. It is one the highly recommended product for any Apple users.

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