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what is Alexa Traffic Rank?


what is Alexa Traffic Rank?

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is a California based subsidiary company of Amazon.com founded in 1996. Alexa Rank provides the most accurate rankings of each and every website of the world. Whether it is blog or website, the rank is given by Alexa. You can easily find the rank of any website using alexa. There are many other websites which provides the rankings of the website, but Alexa is the most popular and powerful website that ranks any website. Alexa.com provides the historical data and structural data of the website. But the historical will be displayed if the site is under 1,00,000. If you are a blogger, then you must know the importance of ranking the website under 1,00,000. If you are having a website or blog which has Alexa rank under 1,00,000 means the advertisers will give you more offers for their advertisement. Alexa provides two Ranking of a website

1.Global Rank

2.Country Rank

1.Global Rank: This Alexa rank is measured by overall all the websites of the world. There are lots of factors for ranking a website i.e Traffic, unique visitors, unique page views and more. We will discuss in detail about how Alexa actually works and what are the factors depending on it.

2.Country Rank: This Alexa Rank is measured from a particular country where the site is more popular. The site will get more traffic from the targeted country where it is more popular.

These are 2 important parts of Alexa. Let’s see some basic features alexa.


1.Search Engine Visitors: Alexa Rank also shows the percentage of visitors who come from Search engines i.e Google,Yahoo,Bing,Yandex and other search engines. This percentage shows the SEO value of a particular website/blog.

2.Comparison: Alexa Rank also gives the option to compare 2 more sites at the same time. This comparison will definitely save your time when you want to compare 2 or more sites at the same time.

3.Backlinks: Alexa gives you the option to access the top linking sites to a particular site. You can easily view some backlinks of a particular website/ blog.
We have listed out some backlinks of a website. These links are connected to a particular websites. If you want to view the complete list,you can upgrade your alexa account and you can view it.

4.Historical Data: If a particular website/ blog is under 1,00,000 Alexa Rank means you can view the historical data of the website. It displays the data of a website based on history.

Final words:
Hence, Alexa rank is considered as the best way to measure the ranking, traffic, SEO value, Historical data and many more things. There are also lots of hidden features in alexa which we will discuss in our upcoming posts. This is just the brief description Alexa rank. Hope it helps to everyone. Please share this,if you feel if worthy.

Thanks for reading.

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