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Free Recharge to any Android/iOS users

Nowadays everyone in the internet is searching for tricks to get free recharge. But when you search for those free recharge tricks,most of them are fake without any doubt. They blog/site owners makes us fool with their fake tricks. Maybe you also had suffered from this problem. And you maybe getting tired to get free recharge for your mobile. But don’t worry. Today i’m sharing the most easiest way to get free recharge. Hereafter you won’t feel tired to get free recharge. Now you can easily get 50 rupees free recharge to your mobile without any hard work. I’m just telling the least amount of 50 rupees. Unless you can get unlimited free recharge using this trick. Without wasting your time,let’s jump to the main topic.

NOTE: To get free recharge to your mobile. You must follow each and every step of this trick carefully. If you done any mistake,you won’t be able to get it.


Free recharge to any android/iOS users:

Step 1: First you must install Times city app from your app stores i.e PlayStore or iTunes. Times city gives app gives you 50 rupees when you signup with your facebook account.

Step 2: After installing the app. it will give you two options.

1.Signup with Google+

2. Signup with Facebook.
Don’t go for Google+ now. Click on “Sign up with Facebook” and enter you Log-in details.
After entering you Log-in details. It will ask you some permission. Just click on “OK” and continue.

NOTE: Remember that your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT must be atleast 90 days (3 months) old and in your friend list you must have atleast 10 FRIENDS in it.

When you log-in with your Facebook account. You must enter that account which is completely registered with an verified Email address. Because it will send a PROMO CODE your registered Email address. So don’t log-in with mobile number.

Step 3: When you done with all the above steps. Check your Email address. You may have received a unique promo code. Note (or) copy that promo code.

Step 4: Now you have to install PayTM app for Android (or) iOS.

download PayTM for Android.
Download PayTM for iOS.
Or You can download it manually by searching in you App stores.

Step 5: Now sign-up (or) or Sign-in in the PayTM app. If you are using PayTM for first time. Just Sign-up there. It shouldn’t take more 2 minutes.

After you successfully signed in to PayTM. Just Enter you “mobile number” and enter the amount as “50” and click on “Continue”

Step 6: In the next step,you will see a option like this “Apply promo code”. There you have to Enter the promo code which you have received in your Email. After Entering the promo code. just click on “Apply” and continue.

That’s it guys. You have successfully recharged your mobile for 5o rupees without paying a single penny.
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If you want more free recharge. Then sign-in via other Android/ iOS devices. And there you have to use another Facebook account to get free recharge.

Final Words:
This is the best free recharge trick that everyone can use now. This offer is valid till 31 December 2014. And remember that your promo code is also valid till 31 December 2014. After that you won’t be able to get this free recharge.

Thanks for reading. Hope this will definitely help you.
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