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How To Update Moto E 1st Gen to Official Lollipop 5.1

Are you a Moto E 1st Gen user? If yes, do you know you can update your Moto E device to Lollipop. Many peoples are wating for Moto E Lolllipop update for a long time. But now the wait is over. Now you can enjoy the latest features of Lollipop in your Moto E 1st Gen by updating your Android OS. Are you excited to update your Moto E to Lollipop? Well Yes, you maybe. Just follow the below instructions and enjoy the latest version of Android in your Moto E.

Before we proceed, you need to know why you should update your Moto E 1st Gen Android Lollipop and what are the benefits of doing it.

Reason for updating Moto E 1st Gen to Lollipop:

Look and feel: Using older versions of Android may have out-dated features and look. But after upgrading the Android version of your device, you will get fresh and new look with lots of extra features.
Bugs: One of most important part of updating Android device is, developers fix bugs (erros and problems) which may have in the previous version of Android. After fixing the bugs, your device’s performance can be improved.
GPS: After updating the phone, Google maps may give you better GPS results with more accuracy.
Battery: The latest version of Android may consume low battery power and give you long battery life.
Apps support: Some apps are not in the older versions of Android. But when you upgrade the Android version to latest version, those apps can be supported. But remember that some big apps may ruin the performance of your Android device. Make sure to use only those apps which your hardware and software are capable of.
These are some major advantages of updating the Android device. Now let me tell you How you can upgrade Moto E to Android lollipop.

1. If you are trying to update your Moto E to lollipop for the first time, you must have the stock ROM (Orginial software) in your mobile. You can’t update Moto E to Lollipop if you are running any custom ROM in your mobile. Updating your Android with custom ROM’s may cause more problems. So make sure that you are running stock ROM in your device while upgrading.

2. Make sure to backup your data before updating the device.

3. Make sure you have atleast 500 MB free memory in your phone before updating your phone.

Update your mobile only if you have battery 50-60 %. Don’t take any risk by damaging your mobile with low battery powers. If your device fails to complete the upgrade because of low battery, there is a chance that it may brick permanently.

4. Now you have to Update Moto Services from Playstore.

5. After installing the Moto Service update, go to Settings >About Phone and click on System Updates.

6. You will get the update message and click on “Yes, I’m in”. Now your download will start and size of the update may vary from country to country. The size of the update maybe around 350 MB to 400 MB.

7. When the download completes, click on “Install Now”. Your phone will reboot automatically and it will install the updates. It will take around 30-35 minutes to install the update so don’t do anything and wait until the installation process completes.

Congratualtions! Now you have installed the latest version of Android i.e Lollipop 5.1 in your Moto E 1st Gen. You can check the below image for the proof.

What’s new in Moto E Lollipop update?

1.New recent tabs UI for quick navigation.
2. New notifications bar which looks awesome and very useful too.
3. Stylish dailer for calls.

These are just few new features and there are more awesome features which you can find after the update of Moto E. We have tested in method in Indian version of Moto E 1st Gen, so if you didn’t got update in your Moto E, don’t worry. You may get it soon. Motorola is releasing Lollipop update for Moto E by country wise. You can also contact MyMotoE services by Motorola to clear your doubts. If you want to get complete details of new features of Moto E Lollipop update, you can get it from Motorola’s official page.

This is a simple tutorial on updating Moto E to Lollipop. I hope this guide will be very helpful for Moto E 1st Gen users. If you have any doubts, feel free to comment to comment below. We would like to hear from our readers.

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