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Truecaller number search: The Best Way to Identify a spammer

In our daily routine, we get disturbed calls from many unknown numbers. It may be from a customer call center or from any company marketer or any other spammer. We can’t identify the person who is calling you from any unknown mobile number unless you attend the call. When you attend those irritating calls from unknown persons, you may get anger (I know your feeling).

There are several ways a marketer/ spammer can get your mobile mobile number. By doing a single Truecaller number search, you can easily get details of any unknown number (or spammer). Once you know that, you are getting calls from any unknown spammer, you can ignore it or else you can block that number (in other words, get rid from that number). It’s up to you. There are many more features available in Truecaller which can you in many ways.
But before we get into details, let me give you short introduction of Truecaller.

Truecaller is an global phone directory which can help us to identify the details of any mobile or landline phone numbers using its database. Truecaller was developed by True Software Scandinavia AB. It was initially launched on Blackberry on 2009. After a positive response from the audience, they released their app on other mobile platforms.

Currently, Truecaller’s mobile app is available on various platforms such as Android, iPhone, Windows phone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Nokia Series 40 platforms.

If you don’t have any smartphones, no need to worry about. Truecaller is available online too i.e You can lookup for mobile numbers in their website.

Truecaller Apart from identifying the details of unknown numbers, it has many more features which majority of the users don’t know. Hence i have listed most useful features of Truecaller which you can use right now.

Features of Truecaller:

1. Free of cost: Truecaller is completely free service which offers many features without paying anything.(except for premium membership)

2. Identifying the spammer: The major feature of Truecaller is that it identifies the details of any mobile number by doing a simple search. Truecaller can also show the details of land lines (i.e Fixed line).

3. Free and Premium features: Checking the details of any number in Truecaller is completely free. But if you want extra features means then you have to buy the premium version of the Truecaller app. Now you maybe thinking what will be the features of Truecaller premium version right? here it is.

Ads free: In Truecaller, you may have noticed that there are few ads appearing in search history and home. This is because you are a free user of Truecaller. If you want to remove those ads from Truecaller, you need to become a premium user. Premium membership costs 0.99$/month
See who viewed your profile: If you become a premium member of Truecaller, you are able to view who searched your number or name in Truecaller (This features has been temporarily disconnected by Truecaller and they have told it’ll be back soon)
Monthly contact requests: If you are searching someone by their name and want to get the details of those person, then you can send “Request” to get those details. Truecaller will automatically send SMS in their mobile after you send the request. You can send 30 contacts request in one month.

Currently Truecaller’s premium features is only available on Android platform. They have hinted that they will bring it to iPhone soon.

3. Blocking the spammer: Whenever you noticed that any spammer is disturbing you, you can add that number in Truecaller’s block list so that you won’t get disturb from that number anymore. There are many options to block numbers in Truecaller. Here are they

When you go to block section in Truecaller’s app, you will find 5 options like this

Truecaller’s block section

By directly adding mobile number: Select the country, enter the number and name. That’s it. Whenever you get calls from that number, Truecaller will automatically block it without doing anything.
Adding number to Truecaller’s block list

From call history: If you have already received call from any unknown number (person), just add those number from your call history to block it.
Adding number to Truecaller’s block list from history

From SMS history: You can also add numbers from SMS history to your block list.
Update: Truecaller team has launched a new app for android devices “Truemessenger” which can help us to filter your spam messages. It can replace your default messaging app of your mobile so that it could easily filter the spam and clean contacts. Based on the activities of spammers these days, i must this is one the best app for Android users. It works as good as Truecaller did. According to TechChCrunch, Truemessenger app is currently available in India. Here is the official intro video of Truemessenger by Truecaller.

From contacts: Select any number from your contact list to add to the blocklist.
By series: This is the advance option to block calls in Truecaller.
You have 3 options to block numbers by series. i.e

Blocking number by series

Numbers that start with: If you don’t remember the entire number of a person, you can just add few beginning numbers to block it.

Numbers that contain: If you remember few numbers of anyone and didn’t remember it completely, then just enter those numbers in your block list

Numbers that end with: If you don’t remember the beginning and middle numbers of anyone, just then enter your ending numbers in your block list to block it.

Ok, Now you may have add numbers to block your list by using any of these 5 options.

Now what? How the calls will block?

Here is the answer for you.

After entering the number in the block list, you may have 2 options to block a call.

i.e Hang up or Mute

Blocking option in Truecaller

If you select as Hang up, calls will automatically block before completing the first ring of the call.

If you select as Mute, you will get calls in the silent mode.

4. Live Caller ID: Truecaller has a feature of Live Caller ID which can quickly identify the details of unknown number in real time.

For example,

If you are getting a call from any unknown number, Truecaller will show you the details of that while ringing the phone.(no need to attend the call) This feature has been available on the Truecaller Android app for a while, but they just released live caller ID feature for iPhone in Truecaller and Windows phone 8.1 after a long duration.

This is one of the best feature of Truecaller which i personally like it very much.

These are four major features available in Truecaller. But did you ever wondered that How Truecaller number search works? Do you know How Truecaller give you those results? Well majority of the people may not know how this works exactly. (Because everyone is busy in searching the details of unknown number). If you are one of them, no need to worry about that. Here is the answer for you.

How Truecaller number search works?

(The answer for this question may not be accurate, because only Truecaller knows it works exactly. But based upon the suggestions of experienced users, i’m able to get an about how this may work)

When a user installs Truecaller app in the mobile device, it asks for sign-up (or) sign-in. If you are a new user of Truecaller, you need to sign-up for the app to access it. while registering a new account in Truecaller, you may remember the term

“i accept the terms and conditions”

It means you have allowed them access the address book/contacts on your mobile device. Now they will collect all the contact details of your smartphone and upload it their company’s server. Now they have stored your contacts details in their database. Whenever a user searches your number in Truecaller, they will display the most matched/suitable result of that number.

For example,

If 1 person is signing-up for Truecaller in the mobile device and it has 100 contacts list, then Truecaller will store those 100 contacts details in their database.

In those 100 contacts, a person’s name is ABC and his number is 95000XXXX.(as an example)

If someone is searching for ABC’s number in Truecaller, they will get the result as ABC.

Now you may have understood How truecaller works..right?

OK. Now every will be able to get my contact details in Truecaller right? But what about my privacy? Well this is the only disadvantage of being a Truecaller user. But no need to worry at all. Because i have simple method by which you can easily remove your number from Truecaller. Here’s how do it.

How to Remove or Unlist number from Truecaller search:

Go to “Settings” in your Truecaller app.
After that go to “About” and then click on “Deactivate” and confirm as YES.
Now go to Truecaller’s unlist page and enter your mobile number which you want to get removed from Truecaller.
After entering the mobile number, enter the verification code and click on “Unlist”
After completing the above steps, your mobile number will be successfully removed from Truecaller’s database and your details won’t show if someone searches your number in Truecaller.

Ok let’s discuss about few FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) of Truecaller

There are plenty of FAQs about Truecaller. But i have selected 4 most useful FAQs which can help you to understand more about Truecaller.

1. Live Caller ID not working?

Android: Go to application manager in your phone settings and check whether “notifications” in enabled in Truecaller or not. If it is disabled, then you must “turn on” notifications to use feature. Live caller ID also requires 3G or WiFi network to fetch the data quickly.

iPhone: Due to restrictions from Apple platform,Truecaller is unable to implement Live caller ID.

2. How to change name?

Go to profile settings, click on your name,edit and save. Now the same name will appear when someone search for your number.

3. How to change Truecaller number?

Before changing your Truecaller number, you need to deactivate the old account first. Just go to settings> About> Deactivate account. Now enter your new number and verify it.

4. Unable find the details of a number.

There maybe many reasons you can’t find details of certain mobile numbers. The number could be very new (or) the numbers hadn’t stored in Truecaller’s database.

Final words:

Truecaller’s number search is one the best tool to get the details of any unknown person. It does a good job while identifying any spammer and does many features too.

What do you think about Truecaller? Do you know any other online tool which can be better than Truecaller?

The Truecaller app is a must-have for those who want to stay ahead of the curve and never miss an incoming phone call. With this innovative mobile device, you can identify unknown numbers as well as block spam calls before they even get too close!
– 2nd in Command Bee @ Bizzy Bee Social Management

I would like to know about your views. Do let me know by commenting below. Watch this short video to know How Truecaller will be useful in your life.

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