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How To Take Screenshot on Moto E Devices

If you are an Moto E user and wondering how to take screenshot on Moto E 1st Gen or Moto E 2nd Gen, then you have came to the exactly right place my friend. There are many features in Moto E devices. Just like we have recently shared how to update Moto E to Lollipop. But taking screenshots is one of the most important feature in any Android device.
But why do you want to take screenshots in your Moto E devices?
Well there are many benefits of taking screenshots in your Android devices. Here i have listed some of them

Benefits of taking a screenshots in Android devices:

1.Email Proof: You can capture screenshots of any fraudelent Email from any unknown persons.

2.Technical Help:

• If you are having any problem with your mobile, you can capture those screenshots and forward to others to get rid of that problem

• If you are facing any problems with online transactions, you can capture those screenshots and forward the screenshots to bank managers get help from them.

3.Memories: You can capture the screenshots in your phone whenever it is a memorable moment Eg. Game completion.

These are some benefits of taking screenshot in your Moto E device. Let’s get started to know how to it.

How to take screenshots in Moto E Devices:
This method is same for both Moto E devices and works perfectly.
Before you start, make sure both the Power and Volume down button of your phone works perfectly.
Now just press and hold Power and Volum down button of your phone for 2-3 seconds until the screen captures.

After taking the screenshot, you will get the notification that screen has been captured.

Here is another example of screenshot taken in Moto E 1st Gen

After taking the screenshot, you can

Edit: You can edit your captured screenshot according to your requirements.

Crop: You can crop the screenshots for your suitable image size.

Share: Now you can share your screenshots from any of your favorite apps (Online or Offline).

Final Words:

Moto E is one the best budget phone with awesome features. Taking a screenhots in Moto E is fun and easy. This is one of the easiest method of taking screenshots in Moto E devices. If you have any other suggestion or method to take screenshots in Moto E devices, feel free to comment below. We would like to hear from our readers.

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