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APUS Launcher review: Get a Whole New Look in your Android

One of the Best Advantage of using an Android is you can CUSTOMIZE it as per your choice. This is the reason why most people love Android over other operating systems.

One of the Easiest way to customize your Android is by using a LAUNCHER.

​There are tons of Android launchers are out there in Play Store. But only few of them satisfy their users and ensure their needs.

Today i’m going to review a launcher named APUS which not only gives you cool features but it can also give you a whole new look for your Android device.

Why You Should Use Apus Launcher?

• APUS Launcher is considered as one of the best launcher for Android.

• According to Wikipedia, APUS has 250 million users globally.

• It has a decent rating of 4.5 from more than 4.8 million users. The Size of the app is the less than 6MB.

• It gives you a whole new look which will be completely different from your default launcher.

• APUS Launcher gives you the fast and smooth experience in your Android.

Final Thoughts:

There are large number of launchers are out there, but only few of the gives user’s satisfaction. And APUS launcher is one of them. Because,

• APUS runs smooth and fast.

• Gives you tons of options for Customization.

• Look and feel.

• Boost your phone performance by clearing the RAM with just 1 click.

• Swiping, Latest news and much more.

Overall APUS launcher is a good launcher and if you want to change the look of your phone, APUS is one of the best option.

I hope this detailed Review of APUS launcher may have helped to learn few things about APUS launcher. If you have ever used APUS launcher, i would like to hear your reviews from you all. Just leave the comment what do you think about APUS launcher.

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